Do you like Japanese anime? 
I love it and watch it all the time!

Japanese anime sometimes features characters with cat ears. 
These characters have ears like a cat growing out of their heads, and the way that their ears move along to match how they feel is very cute! 
We can also “grow” cat ears like that with this product! 


These cat ears are not just something for costume play. 
They actually detect the brain waves of the person wearing them and move.


The structure is very simple. 
After this silver part is placed on your forehead and pinch your ear with the clip portion, the device senses your brain waves and causes the ears to move. 
They really seem like real ears, as they do things such as standing up when you concentrate. 
If you keep them on for a long time, you can experience the strange feeling of having cat ears seeming to be like part of your body.


You can really enjoy using them as a completely new type of communication tool or as means to become more like your favorite anime character.

The video below shows various people experiencing these cat ears. 
Although everyone seems a bit surprised, they look like they are having fun moving the cat ears after they get used to it.


These cat ears are available for sale, so feel free to buy them and try them on if you are interested!

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